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Welcome to the Loyalty Rewards Program



         I would like to thank you for taking the time to show interest in joining our Loyalty Rewards Program. By joining the program you will receive points for purchases as well as other wonderful things , like just being alive another year, each and every year..
        Some of the actions that will score you some decent points are:    just signing up, or celebrating your birthday, sharing our facebook page and other things as well. Complete details listed below.
        But believe me;  in addition to receiving our emails from time to time , you will receive great savings on our wonderful products and we also send random free gifts to our Loyalty Reward Program members. So join our Loyalty rewards Program ....all we need is your email to send you our special offers.


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      Here's how it all works:
    Sign up and BAM ------------------> 100 points
    Share our Facebook page ------> 50 points
    Like our Facebook page --------> 50 points
    Celebrate a birthday BOOM ---> 200 points
    Shop and buy products---------> 1 point every dollar spent
    What you'll receive:
     1000 points earned = $10 LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) Bucks
     2000 points earned = $20 LRP Bucks
     Remember I also choose random LRP members and send them a free gift throughout the year. Feel free to comment on the website if you enjoyed your free gift.




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