Candles 101


     I would like to take a moment and share some information about candles and caring properly for your candles. Maybe you will find something in here that you didn't already know and possibly increase your enjoyment with the world of candles.

      But first I will tell you a little about my company. I try to find the perfect candle setups to burn your candle and provide you with the best scent throw as possible. This is done by finding the right wax, jars, fragrance oils and wicks then testing and combining them properly. Only then do I have a candle worth putting on my site.

     I use a para-soy blend wax that seems to provide my candles with the best cold throw and hot throw scents while holding the maximum amount of fragrance oils I have found. Cold throw is the way a candle emits its fragrance while just sitting there not burning. So, basically how it smells when you first open the jar to smell it. The hot throw is what the candles performance is while burning as far as producing the desired fragrance in the room.

      I use both traditional wicks and wooden wicks. Everyone has seen the normal wicks that have been in most candles for ages. Wooden wicks however are not as well known and you may have questions or just be curious about them. With all wicks it is the candle makers job to make sure they are using the proper wick size for the jar and wax they are making their candles with. Each jar, wax and wick combination will require different size wicks to burn the best and provide you with the most effective and pleasing experience burning your candles.

     The wooden wicks are really a neat way to enjoy your candles. If you listen closely you can actually hear the wicks crackling. It produces a really pleasing hot throw with the right candle wax and fragrance combination. And, I just think they look cool.

     The fragrance oils I use are the highest quality oils that I source from a few different sources to be able to provide you with a great variety as well as the best quality of that scent. I do not skimp on any of my materials and will never vary my materials just to save money. Consistency will always carry through time with these candles. That is also why my prices won't be able to vary much either. I'm trying to provide the best candles I can for the best price I can and hope you find the value of these candles acceptable. 

     Ways to tell if your candle is burning properly:

  Your candles melt pool will tell you a lot. What is a melt pool? That is the part of the candles wax that melts as it burns around the wick. It will start right in the middle as the candle is lit and the wick starts emitting its heat warming up your wax. Working its way outwards towards the edge of your jar and hopefully reaching the edge and burning the wax cleanly off your jar is the desired result of a properly made candle.

    What happens if your candle isn't made properly is what y'all see with a lot of these big box candle stores......and that's where you burn your candle and it just burns a hole right down the middle with all kinds of wax remaining on the jar. You always wonder why it wastes so much wax, now you know why. The candle maker didn't factor in the wax, jar and wick size variables at all and just put a candle together to sell. Here you won't get that. The candles I create will burn properly and you will enjoy them a lot more.

    Things you need to do for maintaining your candle and burning it efficiently are:

     Always burn your candle for a minimum of 30 minutes and try to use for around 2-4 hours and then extinguish your candle. You will extend your candles life and get the most bang for your buck this way. Your candle will cool and the melted wax pool will harden back up ready to go for the next time you want to enjoy your candle.

    Always maintain proper wick care. You ever wonder why your candle is burning black smoke or has a huge flame? most of the time is can be simply fixed by just caring for you wick a little bit. After burning and your candle has fully cooled you can evaluate your wick length and trim it appropriately. The proper length for a wick should be around 1/8 of an inch and no longer than 1/4 of an inch...which I actually think is too long.

    Ways to trim your wicks are numerous. They sell wick trimming scissors and you can find all kinds of solutions with what you have at home for sure. I have found a pair of nail clippers with a straight edge has provided me with an easy way to trim both normal and wood wicks just fine.





Hopefully this helps you get the most out of your candle and provides you with some insight about my company and the candles I will create for you. 

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