First Week In the books!!

So I got my first week in the books...... and all I can think is wow. That was a really great week. I was not expecting that at all. Had so many people interested in my new candle business and reached out to me in several ways. That was really cool of everyone and I thank you.

 After opening up Monday afternoon, it has been a blur. The week has gone so fast and I have been so busy working on candles and the behind the scenes marketing stuff. I had planned on doing this blog last night after I was done with my batch of candles and wax melts, however I didn't sit down last night until 2am.... and when I finally did....I was out for the count :)

   Candles, wax melts and even a scented bear have all been shipped to every corner of the country and we have had 100% success with shipping. No melted candles or any shipping horror stories and that was great. It was one of my biggest concerns, so happy to report zero problems on that front :)

  I look forward to this next week and every week after with hopes that it only gets better. The marketing part is a little more challenging than the making of candles and wax products for sure. I hope everyone is enjoying their candles, wax melts and bear :) 

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